This is the second home for the Australasian Researchers Network. The first one was on Ning (with a side of Linkedin) but it is my hope that this website will let us build in more features and offer more to the community.

I hope this website will encourage a community to grow. I know that the sourcing community in Australia is young but there are people in it who are passionate about what they do, and about growing sourcing into an industry all on its own. Thats one of the things I would like to think we might achieve, but most of my goals for this website are much simpler. They include:

  • Members and visitors can learn more about sourcing and research
  • Researchers and Sourcers gain a hub for sharing information
  • Members have access to networking opportunities both as individuals and in groups

I would love to know what you would like to get from this community. Let me know in the comments or contact me directly through the site or email – andrea@thearn.net

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